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Blue Octopus Recruitment searches for a person for the position of Lecturer in CIPD (Teacher, Tutor) in Kingston upon Hull. If you have any information about the recruitment process, please write how it looked like. Such information may be valuable for those who consider working in this company.


Blue Octopus Recruitment searches for an employee for the position of Instructor Demonstrator – Lens and Digital Media (Trainer, Tutor, Teacher). Have you applied for that position and happen to know how the interview looks like? Write us what you think about meeting with company representatives. Information from you may help others, who consider applying for a position with that company, make their decision.


Lecturer GCSE Core English (Teacher, Tutor) – such an offer appeared recently in the Internet. Can someone share their opinion from working in this company?


Write us if you have reports on current position of Blue Octopus Recruitment . We encourage current employees to post their opinions!


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