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Novate IT is during recruitment for the position of Android Developer - London - Agile, Java, Android. Have you participated in it and you know how the interview looks like? Write us how the meeting with company representatives looked like. Information from you may help others, who consider applying for a position with that company, make their decision.


Novate IT searches for a person for the position of Java Developer - London in London. If you have any information about the recruitment process, please write how it looked like. Such information may be valuable for those who consider working in this company.


In London Novate IT is searching for someone for the position of DevOps / Platform Engineer - London. If you took part in recruitment process, please let us know how it looked like. Your information may be of valuable guidance for those, who consider working in this company.


How is the atmosphere and work at Novate IT? Do you know what’s up there? We await new news concerning work!


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