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There are candidates recruited now for the position of Graduate IT Support Specialist – Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality in London. What, as current employees of the Softweb Resourcing company, can you tell to those interested in this offer?


Softweb Resourcing recruits for the position of Data Scientist – Ethical Use of Data. Have you participated in it and you know how the interview looks like? Write us what you think about meeting with company representatives. Information from you may help others, who consider applying for a position with that company, make their decision.


In the portal there is a new job offer for the position of Computer Games Graduate - Augmented Reality. Can anyone share their experience from working in this company?


How does the work at Softweb Resourcing look like? We await new reports on job offers and work atmosphere! Maybe there is a person who is currently employed there, willing to tell us something about work there?


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