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The company added a new job offer for Waiting Staff for Amazing Events - flexible hours, waiter/wa... (salary: £8.40 - £9.75 an hour). Can someone share their opinion from working at TempTribe?


In Greenwich TempTribe searches for an employee for the position of Waiting Staff for Amazing Events - flexible hours, waiter/wa.... Did you take part in the process? Share your impressions from the interview. This surely will be of valuable guidance for those, who also consider working for this company.


There are candidates recruited now for the position of Event Staff in London in Soho. What, as current employees of the TempTribe company, can you tell to those interested in this offer?


What new do you know about work at TempTribe? ! Your opinion is important! Maybe there is a person who is currently working there, willing to tell us something about work in this company?


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