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Has anyone of you worked as Software Test Engineer - Maidstone Based at X4 Group? Will you tell us what working in that position really takes? What is required from the candidates during the recruitment process?


X4 Group searches for an employee for the position of Senior LabView Developer/ Senior Test-stand Consultant/ Senior Software Consultant/ Senior in Maidstone. Have you participated in the recruitment? Write us what you believe candidates considering working there should pay attention to.


In Maidstone X4 Group recruits for the position of Junior C++ AND JAVA developer/ Junior C++ Developer/ C++ and JAVA Developer/ Junior Softwa. If you participated in this process, please write us how the interview looked like. This may be valuable information for those who applied for a position with this company.


Does anyone of you work at X4 Group , as we had no news about them for a long time now? We do hope for new news concerning work.


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